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Get fit, lose weight, improve balance and increase muscle volume and strength!

Top fitness machine for wheelchairs, developed by wheelchair users. It’s a treadmill for wheelchairs that will improve your fitness – it has been proven to burn calories, strengthen your shoulders and fine-tune your riding technique. Delivered anywhere in the world with hundreds of users around the world.

Order: info@handicapfitness.cz

Benefits and features:

Get Better – An incredible cardio workout that will boost your fitness.
Weight loss – Burn up to 350 kcal every 30 minutes and record lost calories.
Prevent injuries – Build strength and shoulder muscles.
Send better – improve your technique and increase efficiency.
Train – you move better on the road, you control the track.
Workouts – Endless workouts that will vary and keep you engaged – plus a Wheel-Spin DVD.

Available models:

Standard 29,000,- CZK – complete trainer, but does not record any data.
Smart 33,000,- CZK – a complete trainer with a speed and distance sensor – connects to our application on your phone or tablet.
Smart Plus 36,000,- CZK – complete trainer with speed and distance sensor, heart rate sensor and phone stand.