Donation SMS

Donor SMS or DMS is a way of sending small funds to the accounts of charitable and non-profit organizations within various public collections. This system has been operating in the Czech Republic since 12 April 2004. It is operated by the Association of Mobile Network Operators and the Donors’ Forum.

Sending a DMS is similar to a regular text message from a mobile phone or landline. DMSs are sent, for example, to the telephone number 9xxxx and have a uniform form.

The DMS service is based on a non-commercial principle and respects the principle of minimum costs for ensuring operation. The difference in the amount covers the technical, organizational and coordination of the project, including service for non-profit and charitable organizations.

It’s the easiest way to help good things.

Anyone who wants to support charitable projects with a smaller amount no longer has to have to write bills or enter bank orders. To send smaller contributions, just send DMS – donor SMS.

It’s a transparent way to help good things.

Each DMS finds its addressee and financial contributions go only to really trusted, reliable and proven organizations.
Every non-governmental non-profit organization that wants to obtain funds through the DMS must register and submit documents proving its credibility (annual and financial report, confirmation of its existence for a period of at least two years) and at the same time suggest what it will use the funds specifically obtained.

Every organization that wants to participate in the Donor SMS project must comply with the contractual conditions and publish information on the use of the funds obtained. Each donor thus has the opportunity to verify in a simple way how the funds obtained from DMS were handled in each project.

The amount collected on Donor SMS will be used to purchase fitness and cardio machines, including accessories for the fitness center for the disabled.

Thank you very much in advance !!!!!